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This is a list of websites that have content I personally like. That doesn't mean I agree with all the opinions of the webmasters whose websites are listed below.

Technology related

The HTML Hell Page

A small list of issues that used to plague lots of websites, and still plagues lots of them. You should read it as a guideline for a good website. Written by Eric Raymond.

Dig Deeper

An interesting website with various articles, from privacy to society, etc.

Spyware Watchdog

Some software can spy on you. You should be aware of it.

Install Gentoo Wiki

The wiki for various technology imageboards. (Cloudflared)

Arch Wiki

The wiki of Arch Linux. It has great documentation for lots of programs.

Major Linux Problems on the Desktop

A list of mostly technical issues that plagues the Linux desktop, because Linux isn't perfect. (Cloudflared)

Software that sucks less. The developers of dwm, dmenu and other similar programs.


For things considered harmful.

The Website Obesity Crisis

Advertising is a cancer on society

An essay about advertising and how it affects our lives.

Web3 is going just great

A website that sarcastically documents the news about Web3.

The Decline of Usability

An article that criticizes the trend of making unintuitive user interfaces.

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Serial Experiments Lain related

Wired Sound for Wired People

Well known website for SEL fans, with lots of artwork.


A website with various content based on Serial Experiments Lain.

Thought Experiments Lain

A great interpretation of the anime and its various aspects.


A SEL-themed imageboard.


A SEL-themed zine.


Another imageboard, similar to Lainchan.


An online version of the Serial Experiments Lain PSX game.

Other interesting websites

Awesome Lists

Lists about awesome things.

I'll be updating this page with links I think they might be interesting.

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