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My projects

Line in PulseAudio Script

A simple BASH script to loopback the audio from an external source to your speakers or headphones.

Codeberg - Snopyta's Gitea - GitHub

Simple Distribution Updater

A GUI program that updates your system. It's not recommended to use it to actually update your system with this utility. It's made to help me learn how to write simple GUI on Python using the GTK toolkit.

Codeberg - Snopyta's Gitea - GitHub

YouTube CLI Viewer

A script that helps you watch videos by using youtube-dl and mpv. It has options to change quality settings.

Codeberg - Snopyta's Gitea - GitHub


A script that allows you to change Conky configuration on the fly.

Codeberg - Snopyta's Gitea - GitHub


A very basic bot for Discord.

Codeberg - Snopyta's Gitea - GitHub

Suckless Setup

My personal setup of suckless programs (dwm, dmenu, st, slstatus)

Codeberg - Snopyta's Gitea - GitHub

Accela (CLI Assistant)

A desktop assistant that functions similarly to the mobile/desktop assistants, made for Linux.

Codeberg - Snopyta's Gitea - GitHub

Graph generator

A program that automatically generates ".net" files for usage with graph visualization software. Made as a part of a homework assignment.

Codeberg - Snopyta's Gitea - GitHub

YouTube CLI (Raku)

Replacement of the "YouTube CLI Viewer" script, written in the Raku programming language.

Codeberg - Snopyta's Gitea - GitHub

getimiskon's space

My personal website. You're free to contribute and use it as a base for your website if you want to.


Projects I have contributed to

SimplyTranslate Mobile

A mobile front-end for the SimplyTranslate Project

Contribution: Translation of the application in Greek

GitHub - Codeberg

kill-9 is a website mostly about technology and software.

Contributions: Written an article, mirroring the original kill-9 repository to Codeberg



A browser-based implementation of the Serial Experiments Lain PSX game.

Contribution: Translation of the game's script in Greek


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