getimiskon's space


All my repositories are available on Codeberg, as well as on my git service. GitHub repos aren't updated.

My projects

  • Line in PulseAudio Script: BASH script that loopbacks the audio from an external source to an output. Not maintained.
  • Simple Distribution Updater: GUI program that updates your system. Written to learn GTK in Python. Not recommended for actual use. Not maintained.
  • YouTube CLI Viewer: A script for watching videos by using youtube-dl and mpv with options to change quality settings. Replaced with the Raku version.
  • ConkySwitch: A script for changing conky configuration on the fly. Not maintained.
  • LainBot: A basic bot for a service you shouldn't use if you respect your privacy. Not maintained.
  • Suckless Setup: My personal configuration for suckless software (dwm, dmenu, st, slstatus)
  • Accela (CLI Assistant): A basic "desktop assistant" made for Linux. Unfinished.
  • Graph generator: A program that generates ".net" files for use with specific graph visualization software. Made as a homework assignment.
  • YouTube CLI (Raku): Rewritten version of the "YouTube CLI Viewer" script in Raku.
  • getimiskon's space: My personal website. You're free to contribute and use it as a base for your website.
  • gsn: A library that simplifies the ncurses library syntax.

Projects I have contributed to

  • Kaiteki: Translation/Localization in Greek
  • SimplyTranslate Mobile: Translation/Localization in Greek
  • osu!lazer: Translation/Localization in Greek
  • sakisafe: Added code for filename randomization and partial support for UTF-8
  • dwm: Fixed the alpha patch to work on the git version 348f655