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Hello world! I'm getimiskon and this is my website.

I'm just another computer nerd who posts various things in his free time. I will usually post about things related to technology, or whatever I have in mind and I feel like writing about.

When I'm not posting here (like most of the time), I'm probably posting on IRC channels, imageboards and in the fediverse. I occasionally work on code and testing server-side software.

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Have fun.

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I'm against any defamation of anybody in the Free and Open Source Software community. More info about the case of Richard Stallman can be found here.

In July 6th 2021, the European Parliament approved the surveillance of communications by voting for the "temporary" ePrivacy derogation. I strongly suggest choosing a privacy respecting email provider, using decentralized messaging protocols, like XMPP or Matrix and encrypting your communications

Fuck Cuckflare. Systemd sucks.


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