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About this website
Hardware and software

About this website

This is my personal website. It's made by hand and it contains no scripts or any bullshit that other websites may have. It is made to be compatible with as many browsers as possible. In a few words, it's a clusterfuck made with love.

If you want to ask for something like adding a mirror on another network or fixing something that seems broken, feel free to contact me.

Also, I want to thank all the people who helped me with this website and my services. You know who you are...

Hardware and software

My main computer is an Acer Aspire 3 (A315-53G-52A4) from 2018. It's a decent laptop, but a pain in the ass to fix (as most laptops are these days). I also use a Dell Latitude D630 as my server, where the website and the services are hosted.

As for the software, I use Void Linux as my main OS on my laptop. It works fine and sometimes even better than Arch. I have also Windows 10 and MacOS 10.15 Catalina installed alongside Linux, mostly for testing purposes, as well as running some proprietary software I may need there.

Other software I use

WM: dwm

Browser: Pale Moon, Firefox (for websites that don't work with PM)

Text editors: Geany, Vim, Emacs

Terminal emulator: st

Video player: mpv

Music player: cmus

PDF viewer: zathura

Image viewer: sxiv

Torrent client: Transmission

XMPP client: Profanity, Dino

IRC client: irssi

Email client: Claws Mail



Email: getimiskon[at], getimiskon[at], getimiskon[at]

XMPP: getimiskon[at], getimiskon[at]


PGP key and OMEMO fingerprints

I strongly suggest using my PGP key when contacting me by email or enabling OMEMO on XMPP. Also, always send me a message before a subscription request. If you don't, I'll consider it as spam.

Update - Aug 2021: From now, I'll start using the address as my main email address and I updated the PGP key to include it as well. I will still reply to the other addresses.

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